How Much Do Arched Windows Cost?

How Much Do Arched Windows Cost?

The cost of arched window can vary greatly depending on many factors. Size, materials, design complexity and additional features affect final price. In general, arched windows tend to be more expensive than standard rectangular windows due to custom design and construction. Window size is an important cost determinant. Large arched windows are usually more expensive than smaller windows because they require more materials and labor to build and install.

Material selection is another important factor in cost. Arched windows can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. Each material has its own price point and associated quality and durability. Higher quality materials tend to cost more, but offer greater durability and aesthetic appeal. Also, the cost is influenced by the complexity of the window design. Irregular shapes, intricate details, and special architectural features add to the price due to the extra labor and experience required to fabricate and install.

Why Choose Arched Windows?

Arched windows are a great choice for a variety of design ideas rooted in nature, such as zen, bohemian, biophilic or sustainable.

Wood arched window designs add charm and visual appeal to a space while adding functionality in terms of maximizing natural light. Ideal for a room with a low ceiling, such as an attic or half-story mezzanine, a semi circle window makes the most of the available wall space. They are a perfect way to add natural light in narrow or tight spaces; use arched transom windows above the front door, or tall slender arches along a corridor.

To break up the monotony of a stairway and improve the lighting a series of arched windows along the wall can be a lovely finishing touch.Flood a landing with natural light by installing an arch window; grill design here can be as elaborate or decorative as you want, making the space a small oasis of added style. Arched windows lend themselves to creating a little drama in an otherwise bland area, such as above a kitchen sink or high in the wall above a bathroom mirror. For building façades or exteriors, arched window designs are the perfect way to add character and personality to your building.

How to install arched windows?

Installing arched windows requires careful planning and precision. Here is a general overview of the installation process.

  • Measure and prepare: Start by measuring the opening where you will install the arched window. Accurately measure the height, width and depth of openings, including arch bends or corners. Make sure the opening is of sound construction and is properly prepared for window installation.
  • Order or fabricate an arched window: Depending on your dimensions, we order or fabricate an arched window to match the size of your opening. To match the specific size and design of the opening, custom arched windows usually need to be fabricated.
  • Prepare the opening: Remove any existing window or framing material from the opening. Clean and prepare openings to keep them free of debris and weatherproof. Window Frame Installation: Install the window frame according to the manufacturer's instructions. Secure it in the hole and make sure it is flat, plumb and square. Use a gasket or suitable insulation to ensure a snug fit.
  • Install the arched window sash: Carefully install the arched window sash to the frame. Make sure it matches the curve of your arch and is secure. Secure the sash in place using the manufacturer's recommended fasteners.
  • Sealing and Insulation: Apply appropriate sealant and insulation around window frames and sashes to prevent air or water ingress. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the use of specific sealants and insulation materials.
  • Check and Adjustment: After installing the window, check the operation by opening and closing the window for smooth movement and normal operation. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure proper fit and performance.
  • Trim and Finish: Install interior and exterior trim around windows to give them a finished look. Follow your design and aesthetic preferences and make sure the finish complements the arched windows and surrounding space.

Arched Window Replacement Cost

The cost of arched windows can be higher than standard windows because they are often considered custom window installations in a particular style. Replacing standard-sized arched windows can cost between $345 and $950 per window. This price includes the cost of the window itself and professional installation. The total arched window installation cost will depend on the window brand in use, window size, sash style, and local window installation prices. The cost of installing new windows in your home varies by location. Calculate the cost of a Windows project to your home specifications with our handy Windows Cost Calculator.

Energy Efficiency of Arched Windows

Despite their unique shape and design, arched windows, like other modern windows, have good thermal insulation properties. Like a standard window, the U value measures the ability of energy to move from one side of the window to the other. Achieving maximum insulation and energy efficiency requires several high-quality seals, as well as the right framing and special glazing.

Keep in mind that arched windows must be professionally installed to achieve the best thermal performance. Installing the components yourself can save you money, but poorly installed windows can allow air and energy to pass between the brick and frame, regardless of heat transfer coefficient and glazing type.