Types of Arched Windows

What is an arched window?

An arched window has a semicircular arch at the top and a rectangle at the bottom. They can be tall or short, and are also called semicircular or radius windows. Arched windows first appeared in Roman architecture and now adorn the facades of many modern homes. Since these are special windows, they cost more than standard single or double pane windows. If you're considering arched windows for your home, here are the types, cost, and features.

As you know, residential windows are usually rectangular in shape. Arched windows, also called arched top windows or radius windows, are slightly different. These windows have a square base and an arch or semicircle at the top.

You'll also see half-circular windows that are usually installed just above the traditional rectangular windows, called arched windows. Like most windows, arched windows can be customized in color, size, and other visual design elements such as screens or safety glass.

  1. Window Radius
  2. Semi-circular/half-moon window
  3. Gothic Arched Windows
  4. fixed arched window
  5. Arched windows that open

1. Window Radius

A radius or standard arched window has a curved top and a straight rectangular body. You can find standard arched windows in many sizes, from short to very tall. Designers often use curved windows to create a focal point in a home or to accentuate other design elements. This window can be one large piece or a standard rectangle with a semi-circular section at the top.

2. Semi-circular/half-moon window

A half moon or half moon is semicircular and often sits over a rectangular window, creating an arched design. The crescent moon is a standard half circle, but this window has a number of options:

  • Oval - A wider semi-circular shape, most common for large windows and patio doors.
  • Half Oval - The oval design is cut in half and installed next to a long rectangular window. 1/4 of a
  • circle - 1/4 of a circle is a half circle cut in half. A full chord is a shorter arch that looks like the top third of a circle.
  • Full Arch Head - This style has a corner near the arch rather than a completely round shape. It looks more formal than other styles.
  • Half Arch Head - Fully arched head cut in half.

3. Gothic Arched Windows

At first glance, the gothic arched windows are reminiscent of the Middle Ages. However, the look of this window style is equally popular in both modern architecture and period homes. One of our signature window styles, our gothic arched windows are welded together to provide a superior finish. This method also leaves no visible seams to match specifications exactly. Gothic arched windows can be of any size and shape. Style flexibility means that a window can consist of one or more panes, as in the example above. Traditional Gothic windows (such as those used in churches) may have an intricate circular design at the top of the window. Gothic windows are a very interesting feature to add to a building because they have a rich history in architecture.

4. Fixed arched window

Fixed arch windows have a similar aesthetic to Gothic arch windows. The main difference is that the top of the spear is curved rather than pointed. Displaying them sequentially, as in the example above, can give a building a very classic and open feel.

5. Arched windows that open

Arched windows vary in design and style and can be made of aluminum or PVC. Traditionally, there are no openings, but it is possible to create arched windows that actually open. This style is ideal for residential or office spaces that require the use of open windows for health and safety reasons.

Do the arched windows open?

Yes, you can open the arched windows for ventilation. Traditional rectangular windows are more user-friendly, but arched windows can also be opened and closed. There are many ways to design an arched window.

  • Single-sash or double-sash arched windows: These types of windows have two sashes, one or both of which can be moved. The bottom cover can be moved vertically for ventilation and the top cover can remain fixed or both covers can be operated.
  • Casement Arched Windows: A casement window is hinged on one side and opens like a door. Windows with arched sashes can be opened both inward and outward, providing larger openings for air circulation.
  • Arched Canopy Windows: Canopy windows are hinged at the top and open outward at the bottom to create a canopy effect. Arched awning windows can be driven by a crank or push mechanism.
  • Custom Arched Windows: In some cases, particularly custom designed windows, you may have your own mechanism built in to open and close the arched window. These mechanisms can include swivel, sliding or folding systems depending on the desired functionality.


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