What Is an Arched Window?

What is an arched window?

Arched windows are a distinctive architectural feature that give elegance and character to building designs. Instead of the typical rectangular or square shape, arched windows have curved or arched tops. You can see various architectural styles such as gothic, romanesque and renaissance. Arched windows serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, allowing natural light into a space and creating a visually striking focal point. Arch designs range from perfect semicircles to pointed or segmented shapes. Whether fixed or operated, arched windows enhance the beauty and architectural appeal of homes, churches, and other structures. Its unique shape and timeless appeal make it a popular element in interior and exterior design.

Features of arched windows

Not all arched windows are the same. You can choose frame material, glass thickness, fitting and design. The most common framing materials include aluminum, vinyl, composites and wood. For energy-efficient windows, choose the option with 2-3 argonized glass panels between them.

Many of the arched windows have bars. If you're looking for a grid design, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Diamond
  • Prairie
  • Fan
  • Thirds
  • Sixths
  • Quarters

How to make arched windows modern?

Arched windows adorn the facades of many types of homes, including modern ones. If you have installed or plan to install arched windows, there are two ways to give it a modern look. Just use a black border and add a simple grid. Black framed windows will give any home an updated look and will bring arched windows into this era. A simple screen is a great addition to large arched windows that would otherwise look too bare. Avoid complex mesh designs such as diamond or fan meshes. But before ordering black framed windows, think about the rest of your home. If all other windows have white or wood frames, make sure they match the arched windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of arched windows


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Arched windows add elegance, originality and architectural interest to both the interior and exterior of a building. It can enhance the overall visual appeal and character of your space.
  • Natural light: Curved arched windows allow more natural light into the interior. This creates a bright and airy atmosphere, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.
  • Focus: An arched window can serve as a striking focal point, drawing attention away from a room and adding grandeur to a space.
  • Architectural versatility: Arched windows can be incorporated into a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary, and can complement a variety of aesthetic design elements.


  • Limited Window Treatments: Due to the unique shape of arched windows, it can be difficult to find suitable window treatments.
  • Standard blinds or curtains may not fit properly and require custom work which can be more expensive.
  • Reduced Ventilation: Depending on the design, arched windows may have limited or no functionality. This can restrict airflow and ventilation compared to traditional rectangular windows.
  • Cost: Arched windows often require special craftsmanship and materials, so they can cost more than standard rectangular windows.
  • Installation Difficulty: Installing arched windows can be more difficult and time consuming than installing regular windows. Proper installation requires accurate measurements and meticulous care.

Types of arched windows

For arched windows, there are many options available. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular styles.

  • Standard Arch – Suitable for most homes, this simplified arch is made with a regular rectangular window that curves into an attractive arch at the apex. It is often chosen to emphasize height and exude elegance.
  • Square Frame Arch - If you think uniform lines look good in your home, but still want to mix things up, how about a square frame arch? This type of arched window offers all the benefits of a more traditional look, but with an added twist. Whilst externally your house will maintain the same traditional kerb appeal, from inside your property the internal arch can really focus the eye, framing the view outside and creating a focal point.
  • D frame – this popular arched window resembles the letter D lying on its side, which gives a subtle curve to the top of the window frame.
  • Arched vertical sliders – whilst traditionally arched windows don`t open, it is possible to have arched window frames that do, with arched vertical sliders. These are a great option if you`re thinking of installing the window in a room that would benefit from ventilation.
  • Bespoke – do a brief internet search of arches and you`ll be swamped with images – 3-pointed arch, inflexed arch, oriental arch, the list goes on. There's an arch for every sense of style. Once you've found a particular arch you like, why not opt ​​for custom windows made to your specifications and dimensions?


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